drive the future foHRward


drive the future foHRward

Organizations are facing an exponential level of technology-enabled disruption making it a fascinating time to work in HR.

We appreciate it’s not always easy – there’s no playbook on how to deal with a world changing at such pace.

We are a platform for the HR community, delivering leading-edge content, events and thought leadership.

We believe the CHRO and HR team are critical to an organization’s ability to successfully navigate this new world of work and they need to be equipped with the knowledge, tools and mindset to drive this change.

That’s why we created future foHRward in 2016 – to provide HR professionals with the best community and content in a stimulating, engaging and interactive environment.

As the world of work and the role of HR continues to evolve, learn and experiment with strategies that will help you to ensure your organization has the capabilities it needs to adapt to disruption. Get inspired by our world-renowned speakers, engage with leading experts and get involved in our interactive working sessions to create actionable insights that drive the future foHRward.

Our events are different

We curate the best content from the best speakers, and through facilitated workshops, create actionable insights that drive the future foHRward.

See some of our 2019/2020 events below (dates subject to change).

Future FoHRward 2019 - 2020 journey


In 2019, we invited 20 CHROs to join tecHR. This cohort will embark on a journey to explore four specific areas of HR that are being disrupted.  As part of tecHR, CHROs will engage with the technology companies that seek to improve the employee experience in our workplaces – it’s going to be a great ride!

future foHRward events

We will be holding a number of engaging and thought-provoking events to build the capability of the HR community. In Spring 2020, we will be holding our fourth flagship future foHRward event.

Visit our EventBrite page for information on future events.

Meet the team


Naomi Titleman Colla

Naomi Titleman Colla is Founder of Collaborativity Inc. (, a Toronto-based consultancy focused on driving progressive talent strategy in this new world of work.

Mark Edgar

Mark Edgar

Mark runs his own consulting business focused on helping organizations and people thrive in the new world of work.

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