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The HR profession has become more important than ever. Our goal is to bring the world’s leading insights and innovative practices into a global professional network that helps HR professionals and their teams continuously improve their capabilities.

Josh Bersin

Founder and Dean of the Academy


Future foHRward

The Josh Bersin Academy is the world's first global development academy for HR and talent professionals and a transformation agent for HR teams. The Academy, which currently has approximately 10,000 members, offers content-rich online programs, a carefully curated library of tools and resources, and a global community that helps HR and talent professionals stay current on the trends and practices needed to drive organizational success in the modern world of work.

And future foHRward is the official Canadian Partner of the Josh Bersin Academy.

With future foHRward representing the Josh Bersin Academy in Canada, your teams will have the opportunity to gain direct access to resources, training and support via Josh Bersin Academy’s cutting-edge digital platform. You’ll also have the opportunity to partner with future foHRward to create a customized learning strategy tailored to your company’s needs.

This is HR’s moment, as you continue to support our organizations through these difficult times. We firmly believe that the Josh Bersin Academy is exactly what our HR community needs to truly thrive in this new world of work.

What to Expect

  • Premium online programs, covering the most important HR topics, studied in teams of fellow HR professionals
  • A library of digital micro-learning and support resources from leading HR experts and research sources
  • A community of HR professionals working together on learning programs and projects
  • A unique and proven platform that delivers an integrated learning experience that is compelling, mobile-first, and digital by design

Josh Bersin has been a supporter of and inspiration to future foHRward since we welcomed him as keynote speaker at our 2017 CHRO event in Toronto. His content and approach are always so accessible and human, while grounded in bleeding edge research and healthy optimism for the future of our function.


The Josh Bersin Academy Programs combine an innovative team-based learning approach with cutting edge instructional design and professionally produced content. Programs help HR professionals master emerging HR topics and address critical challenges, while collaborating with their peers.

They include a diverse range of “voices” to help people learn from the leaders and innovators in our profession. HR professionals would go through programs in teams of 50 to 70 colleagues. Each Program typically lasts four to six weeks with an average time commitment of four to five hours.

In addition to the rich Programs available today, the Academy is continuously updated with new Programs that are constantly being developed for our members throughout the year.


Well-being at Work

Well-being programs shouldn't be viewed as “nice-to-haves”. They are essential to ensuring employees can perform at their best and stray motivated over the long haul. Designing and managing successful well-being programs has never been more imported and the available tools to do so have never been more abundant - but navigating the landscape isn’t easy.


The HR Tech Workshop

We cannot survive in today's environment with a clear understanding of today's technologies and the insights they provide. This workshop helps learners make sense of the crowded HR tech landscape so they can make better decisions.


People as Competitive Advantage

If we don't have the right people in the right roles with the right skills, our organization will not survive in todays fast-paced highly competitive business environment. We must re-envision how we leverage our talent and our own roles.


People Analytics

Data is everywhere. As HR professionals we need to both understand and harness it to improve outcomes for our organizations. People Analytics is a comprehensive Program built in partnership with Visler to help HR professionals take control over the date at hand and allow it to inform our day-to-day decisions and strategy.


Performance Management Reimagined

The way we evaluate and empower performance is drastically changing and as HR professionals we need to be at the forefront of that transformation. We can succeed by making sure our efforts are aligned with the networked, collaborative nature of work and are making work easier, not harder.


The Strategic HR Business Partner

HR Business Partners are at the frontline of todays talent strategy. They must have an initial understanding of the business challenges their team is working on, to solve and be able to re-frame those challenges through the lens of talent and employee experience. This Program is for HR Business Partners committed to taking their own work and their teams to the next level.


HR in the Age of AI

For more than a decade, AI has been the future of HR. Now, the future of HR. Now, the future has arrived. HR Teams that aren’t implementing AI or preparing their workforce to thrive in an AI-driven enterprise risk falling rapidly behind. HR is the Age of AI is a comprehensive Program built in partnership with IBM to help HR organizations thrive in the world of AI.


The Agile Learning Organization

These are complex times to be in the business of learning. Organizations are under constant pressure to grow in directions that are, at times, counterintuitive, more agile, but also more globally aligned, more innovative, but still familiar and stable to our long-term customers. They key to survival is the ability to constantly learn and grow-as individuals, teams, and organizations.

And more!

Why Join the Academy?

For less than a cup of Tim’s per day per employee, you can give the gift of continuous, sustainable, holistic learning. Annual membership includes…

  • Access to all existing Certificate Programs and any future programs added during your term. Learners complete programs in teams with fellow HR professional from around the world and earn recognized certificates.
  • Access to the Resource library, comprising case studies, Josh’s research, and tools, tips and frameworks for the modern HR professional. We publish 3-5 new resources every week.
  • Membership to the Academy Community where you can ask questions and share best practice with fellow HR professionals, senior faculty members and with Josh himself.
  • Quarterly Webinars hosted by Josh Bersin with guest HR experts and practitioners from around the world.
  • Additional Apps and Integrations, such as our Microsoft Teams app, and native iOS and Android apps (coming on 2020).

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