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future foHRward's mission is to empower Human Resources (HR) and all Leaders of the future to make work better.

What we do

As we continue to experience disruption within organizations and across the globe, it is a challenging and fascinating time to work in HR. future foHRward is here to support you.

Navigating these uncharted waters as HR professionals is not always easy – there’s no playbook on how to deal with a world changing at such pace. Organisations are facing an exponential level of technology-enabled disruption, cultural evolution, and new people-related needs to respond to, making it a fascinating, but challenging time to work in HR.

We can help.

future foHRward is a platform for the HR community, delivering leading-edge content, events and thought leadership.

We believe the CHRO and HR team are critical to an organization’s ability to successfully navigate this new world of work and they need to be equipped with the knowledge, tools and mindset to drive continuous change.

We created future foHRward in 2016 – to provide HR professionals with the best community and content in a stimulating, engaging and interactive environment."

As the world of work and the role of HR continues to evolve, learn and experiment with strategies that will help you to ensure your organization has the capabilities it needs to adapt to disruption.

  • Engage us to facilitate workshops with your HR and / or Leadership Team on topics such as Future of Work Trends, Hybrid Working, Leaders of the Future, Prioritization for the new world of work...and more
  • Join other companies exploring the importance of Human Centred Leadership through our digitally-powered course
  • Express interest to join foHRsight+ - our digitally-powered community for forward-thinking Sr. HR Leaders
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